Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review: Daughter - If You Leave

As the title would suggest, If You Leave is quite a bleak album.

Singer Elena Tonra has obviously had a tough time of it lately, and she’s not afraid to share her heartbreak, particularly in ‘Tomorrow’, in which she whispers “by tomorrow I’ll be left in the darkness, among your cold sheets” and “I’ve been dreaming of strangers kissing me in the night just so i can feel something” in Human. Pairing her fragile, vulnerable vocals with equally vulnerable and heart-breaking lyrics, the album should make for a depressing listen.

Instead, it’s saved by the addition of a bursting, thumping band accompanying her, and some of the best moments on the album come from Elena’s eerie layered harmonies being interrupted by crashing drums. The album falters only in that it runs a little long in places. Album closer Shallows comes in at a lengthy seven minutes, and compared to the 4/5 minute average of the rest of the album, it lingers for a little too long.

Despite this, Daughter have managed to create a beautifully bleak first effort, and if heartbreak is what inspired this album, from a selfish perspective, let’s hope someone breaks Elena’s heart again soon.

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