Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Review: Beach Fossils - Clash the Truth

In the three years since Beach Fossils released their self-titled debut, they’ve been busy. After the unexpected success of their first release, the band released an EP in 2011, and now it’s time for their second effort. Frontman Dustin Layfleur has recruited a live band this time round, and spent some time in New York with Captured Tracks labelmates Diiv and Wild Nothing.

Opening track Clash the Truth continues where What a Pleasure left off, a short burst of their signature reverb-drenched jangly indie-pop culminating in the Beach Fossils equivalent of a football chant. Next is the album’s highlight Generational Synthetic, a fast-paced, catchy collection of harmonies that again echo their earlier material. Unfortunately, from the third track onwards, the album dips slightly.

Apart from a few standout tracks (Taking Off, Shallow) the album isn’t memorable, and you get the feeling Dustin’s become complacent, and not taken the risks necessary to make this album great. When competing with bands such as Diiv, who produce similar slices of nostalgic indie-pop, Clash the Truth doesn’t stand out. It’s another nice record from Beach Fossils, but the band are at their best when they take risks, and they haven’t taken enough this time around.

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